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PARTING                                                                      SELECTION GUIDE                        PARTING
Clamping Systems

•	First choice for parting               FIRST CHOICE!    •	 Unique adaptation for Quad /Square
•	 Double-ended insert                                       type adapters with 4 pockets
•	 Self-clamped for deeper grooving and
                                                          •	 Outstanding stability, vibration free parting
   parting medium to large diameters                         system also on big diameters
•	 Screw-clamped for small diameters
•	 See also HELI-GRIP, page 259                           •	 Improves insert life, surface finish and workpiece
                                                             straightness due to robust design
Self-clamped      Screw-clamped
                                                          •	 Enables reduction of cutting width due to
•	 Very rigid clamping in a tangentially oriented pocket     excellent stability, leading to material savings
•	 Enables machining at very high feed rates and
                                                          •	 Ø120mm bar can be cut with only 3 mm insert width
   provides excellent straightness and surface finish     •	 Guarantees high productivity, especially when using
•	 Recommended for parting large diameter
                                                             TAG N…HF inserts with feed of up to 0.4 mm\rev.
   parts and for interrupted cuts                         •	 Economical adapters with 4 pockets
•	 Offers a free, unobstructed chip flow                  •	 User friendly, easy to operate
                                                          •	 Saves set up time after pocket replacement; adapter

                                                             can be positioned with new pocket without set up
                                                          •	 Several adapters can be clamped on one tool block
                                                          •	 The tools and adapters are designed for

                                                             JET-CUT cooling up to 140 Bar

   TANG-GRIP                                                 LOGIQ-F-GRIP

•	 Single-ended insert                                    •	 Economical pentagonal adapters with 5 pockets
•	 Self- and screw-clamped options                        •	 No setup time after pocket replacement
                                                          •	 Several adapters can be clamped on one holder
                                                          •	 The tools and adapters are designed for

                                                             JET-CUT cooling up to 340 Bar

Screw-clamped     Self-clamped                               TANG-5-GRIP

                                                          •	 5 cutting edges
                                                          •	 Fast edge indexing
                                                          •	 For shallow grooving and up to 20 mm parting diameter
                                                          •	 PENTA-IQ for parting up to 40mm bar diameter

                                                          PENTACUT  PENTAIQ

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