A New PVD Coated Grade for Turning and Grooving High Temperature Alloys

Important Features
ISCAR grade IC806 is a new complementary SUMO TEC PVD coated grade for machining high temperature alloys, especially Inconel 718

New Grade for Inconel Machining
Inconel 718 belongs to a family of nickel based superalloys which are used extensively for applications where withstanding high temperatures and high corrosion resistance is required. Inconel 718 is widely used in the aerospace industry in components which are placed in the hot section of the engine and in additional sectors of the oil industry. The microstructure of Inconel 718 is made of an austenitic structure possessing high tensile and yield strength.
The major problems encountered when machining Inconel 718 are characterized by very high temperatures on the cutting edge of the insert due to the abrasive elements in the material composition (high nickel content of 50-55% and chrome 17-21%) which causes high wear rates, chipping, notching and insert breakage.
These factors contribute to reduced tool life and high deformation of the cutting edge even at low cutting speeds.
Another complexity associated with Inconel is its tendency to malform, consequently due to its metallurgical sensitivity to residual stresses and self hardening effects during the cutting operation. ISCAR’s aim is to effectively machine this unique material, and has therefore successfully developed the IC806, which is a submicron grade with superior wear resistant properties and advanced PVD TiAlN. ISCAR’s SUMO TEC coating exhibits better results compared to competitor’s grades as well as other ISCAR grades.
IC806 has a hard submicron substrate with PVD coating and a special post coating treatment which provides substantially improved tool life and better reliability.

A very hard submicron grain size

New SUMO TEC PVD Coating
  • Improves toughness
  • Improves flaking and chipping resistance
  • Provides very reliable and repeatable results

  • Turning Inconel 718 at moderate to high cutting speeds
  • For stable to slightly unstable conditions

Frontal Spool External Machining  

Material: Inconel 718

 CNMG 432-TF IC806
 Vc=70 m/min
 ap=2-3 mm
  f=0.15 mm/rev

 GIF 8.00E-0.80 IC806
 Vc=70 m/min
 ap=2.5 mm
  f=0.20 mm/rev

Rear Hub External Machining  

Material: Inconel 718

 CNMG 432-TF IC806
 Vc=60 m/min
 ap=3 mm
 f=0.20 mm/rev

 GIFY 6.00-3.00 IC806
 Vc=60 m/min
  ap=1 mm
  f=0.15 mm/rev

Cutting Conditions
ISO Material Condition Hardness
IC806 IC807 IC808
S  High temp. alloys      Ni or Co based  Annealed 250 33 50-80 40-50 30-40
 Cured 350 34 40-70 35-45 25-35
 Cured 320 35 30-65 30-40 15-30

Grade Application Range on (ISO-S)
High Temperature Alloys